Hello, I am Edith!

Founder of BAACE Education 

Researches studies indicate that 65% of incoming college freshman in the entire country require remedial classes; especially developmental mathematics; In addition, the drop-failure-withdrawal (DFW) percentage is between 40% or higher in college remedial courses.  As a solution, various institutions tried to implement adaptive learning assessment for learners to work at their own pace and get more help in the subject they are struggling in. 


This page is one of the solutions to help diverse learners and educators share ideas, stories, assessments, videos, games, presentations, and/or learn.  

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Our Correspondent JOEL!

Hello, My name is Joel. I am an international correspondent. 

Salue, je m'appelle Joel. Je suis le correspondant international d'Afrique. Nous croyons qu'il est important d'aider notre communauté en matière d'éducation surtout en mathematique. Nous voulons aider les enfants qui ont besoin plus d'aide dans leur education et a apprendre a faire les maths.

Hello, I am Joel !

The International Correspondent 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help the online community learn different type of Mathematics activities, and share various ideas, assessments, lessons, and information about developmental mathematics or basic level mathematics.