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Bridging the Gaps 

Bridging the Gaps in Math 


A bridge is a method that brings us from where we used to be to where we want to be.  As Math educator, we need to find ways to bridge some of those Gaps in Math to use a different type of Assessment in the classroom.























  • Provide supplementary instruction in the classroom (MyMathLab, WebAssign, Online Learning)

  • Proper communication on both parts is necessary

  • Patiently and Passionately teach

  • Teaching to the test is not always the key 

  • Train students to be successful and to think successfully

  • Be creative in class

  •  Allow supplementary activities to engage students

  • Allow students to be constructive and creative  

  • Challenge students

  • Create a safe place to success or fail 

  • Get feedback on your teaching method; Evaluation

  • Teachers have a picture in their mind, but students may not

  • Ask students questions to see if they need help

  • Talk to the Elephant! To get students attention; ice-breaker

  • Be Positive!

  • Be Motivated!

  • Inspired!






Reference: Dirksen, J. (2016). Design for how people learn (2nd edition). Berkely, California: New Riders.


  • Practice

  • Be Patient

  • Do Homework on time

  • Get a Tutor

  • Be engaged

  • Participate

  • Be Inspired

  • Don't Give Up

  • Math is a Language!

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