Scholarship and Research

EDTC 811 - Summer Institute III

(Summer III 2019: Dr. Shamburg)

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EDTC 803 - Data Analysis and Report Writing

(Summer I 2017: Dr. Shamburg)

This course will focus on the content and the mechanics of effective data analysis and report writing. Candidates will analyze textual and graphical data from many sources, process data in ways that readers can understand and generate comprehensive academic and business reports.



Designing and describing a museum called Hurri-Robo, which alerted individuals about the arrival of a hurricane. The new exhibit technology called Hurri-Robo encourages youth to explore, locate, and learn about a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, in New Jersey. The goal is to stimulate the learning process using robotics technology. 


Describing and coding on “High-Performance Women” based on the LifeHacker’s “How I Work” Series 


Analysing a statistical report on a report for approval for a Professional Development Stipend 


Writing a memo for the importance and the need for Women in STEM Fields 


EDTC 806 - Research Methods in Educational Technology Leadership

(Spring 2018 Dr. Carnahan)


This course is an in-depth study of the research process and techniques for planning and designing a qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research study projects. 


The research was based on a quantitative research study on using adaptive learning in higher education mathematics with a survey questionnaire.



The research was based on a qualitative research study on using adaptive learning in higher education mathematics



The research was based on a mixed methods research study using adaptive learning in higher education mathematics




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EDTC 809 - Assessment and Evaluation

(Fall 2018: Dr. Carnahan)

This course provides an introduction to a systematics inquiry using assessment methods to understand, evaluate, and solve learner needs. Students will integrate their abilities of research methods with real-world challenges of conducting and analyzing research educational and corporate settings.




  • Project 3: Proposal Survey Field Research: This mixed method research study purpose is to examine the importance and benefits of using adaptive learning assessments in a higher education remedial Mathematics classroom located at a New Jersey University X. 




EDTC 810 - Statistics for Educational Research

(Spring 2019 Dr. Glazer)

This course allows students to develop competence in applying, evaluating, and synthesizing statistical values and sources such as dissertations, journals, technical reports, and websites. The emphasis mainly on the scholarship of teaching which allows students to apply real-world applications.



This project allows the researchers to find a Popular Press and Scholarly Journal that described inferential statistics in their studies.

This assignment is a group project by Aminata Adewumi, Karen Cotter, Adnan Ezad, Terri Evans. URL: With the peers' collaboration, we designed a reference site to aid educators and others about statistics. This site served as a good point of reference. The website contained samples, videos, and data sets.

This  Projects This assignment is a peer critique of Assignment #2. The researcher is assigned to evaluate another group’s website using Rubric for Assignment #2.  In addition, comments will be added. The purpose is to evaluate others work for accuracy and completeness. The peer critique of assignment 2 was based on evaluating the statistical website of Group 4 that can be retrieved from  The website was designed and created by Susan Van Alstyne, Emily Vandalovsky, and Daniel Ward

This project asks the researcher to collect and analyze his/her own data using a variety of different data analysis tools. 

EDTC 901 - Dissertation I


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EDTC 902 - Dissertation II


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