Theory and Practice

EDTC 808 - Summer Institute II

(Summer II 2018 - Dr. Carnahan)

This course is the second summer seminar for year II doctoral cohort 5 candidates which focus on building the skills, knowledge, understanding, and commitment necessary to become effective leaders in different organizational settings.



The purpose of the PGP was to describe my philosophy, plan, and leadership as a doctoral student in the Educational Technology Leader Program   



This assignment was based on different job search requirements needed in three different categories: Higher Ed, K-12, and Corporate.  Three jobs for each category were found in the field of mathematics. 



This project was based on the advantage of updating my portfolio. Additionally, my self-assessment and self-reflection were analyzed.   



EDTC 805 - Cross-discipline Studies in Technology

(Fall 2017: Dr. Zieger)

This focus of this course is the exploration and evaluation of advanced and emergent technologies.  This course assists educational and corporate professionals to develop innovative educational and organization practices across disciplines.


The purpose of this group project (Aminata Adewumi,

Emily Vandalovsky, Carol Munn -Project Manager) is to develop an emerging technology on Computational thinking, Robotics, and Coding using Prezi Presentation.

Project 1 Robot Team PowerPoint or 

Prezi Link:


This white paper PGP project was based on an Online Supplementary Instruction for an elementary school in Cote d'Ivoire. 


BAACE Theme Park was based on the book "Design for How People Learned" by Dirksen (2016). This Theme Park is to know the different type of gaps our students face in Math and bridging those gaps to understand them better.



EDTC 807 - Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum

(Spring 2018 - Dr. Amerman)

This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of implementation and evaluation of educational technology programs.  The philosophies, methods, and processes of curriculum design in educational technology will provide the framework for curricular models. 



The educational technology in context was to describe in short Kliebard (2004) research on the education system in the early nineteenth century. 


Hirsch's theory of conservative and progressive view of education is described.


The use of mathematics education app with its advantages and disadvantages


This is a plan proposal to implement Mathematics Adaptive Learning such as MyMathLab in a New Jersey high school




EV3 1.png
Situated Learning2.jpg

EDTC 814 - Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning

(Summer II 2018 - Dr. Zieger)

This course focuses on concepts and strategies necessary to step into a leadership role in the integration and application of technology and learning.



Climbing Mount Everett as a team. Our team was called "Black Bears", I was the Team Leader, Iris Castillo was the Physician, Karen Cotter was the Photographer, Terri Evans was the Marathoner, and Adnan Ezad was the Environmentalist. This team building concept was enjoyable and reinforce the learning in a group dynamics.


This project is designed to promote your ability to assess a situation, evaluate the potential options and then develop goals and solutions. Effective models of eLearning aren’t just about creating effective instruction, but about delivering that instruction. You will apply the essentials of instructional design to the case studies in higher education below.


Each candidate will create and share a vision of e-learning for a workplace, generate a technology plan that supports that vision, and write a proposal seeking funding for all or part of the plan. The eLearning plan was using EdReady (an adaptive learning assessment) in a Summer Bridge Program with help from Faculties and Supplementary Instruction Leaders.



EDTC 816 - Advanced Building Online Communities

(Spring 2019 - Dr. Zieger)

This course allows candidates with the initial skills to guide them through planning, process design, and facilitation of online group interaction.



For this project, the researcher was supposed to select an online community that is interested in the proposed dissertation topic. The purpose was to actually develop an online community. Conduct an online review of all communities who are dedicated to the researcher's topic. 

This group project created by Evans, Ward, and Adewumi.  This assignment’s objectives was for the researcher to understand and analyze an organization's online community strategy. The teams will seek an educational online community and interview the key managers on their online community strategies. 


This educational online community website project was created based on the research of other online community described in project 1.   Create a prototype online environment that focuses on the research/dissertation topic.

EDTC 817 - Advanced Developing and Managing DL Programs

(Summer III 2019 - Dr. Carnahan)



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