Videos Highlight :


NJ Maker Summit 2017-Rutgers


  • NJCU EdTech Dr. Zieger and Doctoral Students presented on Robotics Technology

NJCU Ed-Tech Summer I Institution

(7/17/17 - 7/21/17)





Presentation Photos:  NJ Maker Summit 2017

  "Presentation on Lego Mindstorms EV3" 




  • Address: Douglass Student Center, Rutgers New Brunswick NJ





NJCU Day2017


NJCU Day: Fun with technology

  "Presentation on Lego Mindstorms EV3" 



  • Presenters: Cohort 5, Cohort 4, Cohort 3

  • Description: EDTC Cohorts volunteered and presented on different technology devices on NJCU Fun with Technology. Families and friends were doing some hands-on activities. 


HCCC Makerspace

3D Printing


HCCC Library Makerspace: Learning about 3D Printing

  "Facilitator and organizer 



  • Facilitator and Organizer

  • Description: HCCC Students learned about 3D Printing and other technology at HCCC Library Makerspace 


CHINA Education


Presenter: Dr. Lan Jin

NJCU Workshop: Education in China 

  "Discover China Series: Important Aspects of Education in China" By Dr. Lan Jin (Peking University)



  • Presenter: Dr. Lan Jin

  • Participants: Cohort 5, Cohort 4, Cohort 3

  • Description: Workshop on Chinese education 

Leadership and Services:


  • NJ Maker Summit: Presentation on EV3 Lego Mindstorms Robot (8/18/2017)

  • NJCU Family Day: Presentation on Wearable Technology (9/23/2017)


  • Education in China (10/25/2017)

    • Learning about Chinese education with Dr. Lan Jin  



  • CODiE Award Judge (3/12/2018)

    • "Thank you for judging the 2018 CODiE Awards. The judging process is what sets the CODiE Awards apart from other award programs, and we appreciate all of the time and effort you contribute. We hope you enjoyed your experience! ... Thank you!" All my best, Jenny Baranowski - Awards Director, SIIA


  • Girl in Technology Facilitator (3/29/2018)

    • Helping NJ High School students understand the importance of technology at Hudson County Community College  (HCCC)


  • HCCC EOF Speaker and Presenter (4/5/2018)

    • Sharing and advising students about the future of technology, transfer and career opportunity at HCCC Students & Alumni career night.


  • Workshop with Dr. Etienne Wenger (4/21/2018)

    • EDTC discussion of the theory and its application


  • Gamified Scavenger Day Event (5/29/2018)

    • Conducted by Dennissa Brown (Cohort 4)

    • Facilitator and advisor


  • NJ Hack-A-Thon Facilitator (6/2/2018)

    • "A renowned community dedicated to enriching STEM Opportunities in Hudson County by incorporating all voices, alliances pathways, and serving as an information hub"

    • Helping 5th-7th graders learned how to develop their own app

    • Using Thunkable Apps


  • IEEE TALE 2018 Committee Review Judge (7/4/2018)


  • CODIE Award Judge 2019

  • Girls in Technology 2019

  • Presentation at NJEdge 2019 on Adaptive Learning Assessment

  • Webinar 2019 presentation 






Workshops & Meetings Services:

  • Conference Meeting for Online Supplementary Instruction (2017-2018)

  • Conference Meeting for Gamified Orientation Workshop Session (2017-2018)

  • Conference Meeting for Scavenger Day Event (2017-2018)


Webinar Services:


  • 2019 Webinar Presentation "Technology in K-8 and Developmental Mathematics Classroom: Adaptive Learning with Math Fluency" (3/28/19)


  • Integrating Innovation with iMovie (4/10/2018)

    • How educators can integrate iMovie into their own classroom.

  • Innovate and re-imagine education with robotics and drones (4/25/2018)

  • Effective Grant Writing (5/1/2018)

  • Tech it Up! Using Technology to Enhance your lessons (5/3/2018)

  • Research and Presenting in Multiple Media (5/9/2018)

  • MakerBot 3D Printing (5/23/2018)



GIT 2019

Stevens Institute Workshop 2019: Maritime Security Center  

NJEdge 2019

Stevens Institute Workshop 2019: Maritime Security Center  


Scavenger STEM Day 2018

Scavenger STEM Day 2018

GIT 2018

Workshop 2018 with Mr. Etienne Wenger

Hackathon 2018 Facilitator

GIT 2018 

Workshop 2018 with Mr. Etienne Wenger

Hackathon 2018


NJCU Day 2017

NJCU Day 2017

NJ Maker Summit 2017 - Presenting on  EV3 Lego Robot

NJ Maker Summit 2017

NJ Maker Summit 2017

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